Keep YOUR pound in play in Hucknall #summeroflove

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The summer seems to have arrived at last with temperatures climbing — and now is the time to get your business out of the shade by advertising it through the pages and website of the Hucknall and Bulwell Dispatch.

To celebrate the season, we are launching our ‘Summer Of Love’ campaign throughout June.

Did you previously advertise with us but haven’t in a while?

Have you got a new product you’re determined to promote to our readers? Or have you got a sale or promotional event you want to place in the spotlight?

If the answer is yes to any of these, then we can help you with a tailor-made package of advertising to suit your exact needs.

Our advertising representatives and front-counter staff at our office at 121 Newgate Lane, Mansfield, NG18 2PA, are on hand to help, no matter what your budget or your needs.

If you make the decision to use the platform that is the ‘Dispatch, you won’t be disappointed.

The paper has never looked so good after having been redesigned with a fresh new format — a move that offers a consistent environment for advertising.

Our overall audience in print and online has increased and continues to climb, so businesses are able to reach thousands more potential customers by getting the word out there.

If it has been a while since you’ve advertised with us, you may receive a call today or in the coming days.

You can also follow our pages each week and visit to find out more about offers and opportunities.

We strive to offer you value for money at a time when every penny counts.

We hope that by promoting your businesses through the paper we can help boost trade and beat the recession in our communities.

So don’t delay, get in touch with us today.

Our advertising representative is MARGARET FOX, who can be contacted on 01623 450226 or by email at

Alternatively, for specific types of advertising, see our contacts panel on page 2, or call reception on 0115 9 555577.

Let’s make this summer a real scorcher with our ‘Summer Of Love’ initiative.