Kids join fight against ‘cyber bullying’

THE FIGHT against computer-based ‘cyber bullying’ has been joined by children from a Hucknall School.

For pupils at National Church Of England Academy have helped launch a card-based game exploring responsible use of the Internet and the impact of drugs.

The event at the Annesley Road school coincided with national Anti-Bullying Week and was staged by Notts County Council in conjunction with the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) programme.

The game throws up various scenarios, such as being enticed to use drugs, and offers responses to the situations.

National pupil Harry Ratcliffe, who was involved in testing the game, said: “I found it really interesting. It was useful to have some responses to work through to help make decisions in difficult situations.”

Denise Collier, anti-bullying co-ordinator at National, said that through the game children “learn to think about the consequences of their decisions.”