Kind-hearted iPad gift to seriously-ill Heidi

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LUCKY Elaine Tordoff entered a balloon popping prize draw at a charity night and took home first prize of a much-coveted iPad.

But generous Elaine has passed on her prize to Hucknall teenager, Heidi Pritchett, who suffers from a rare auto-immuno disease called JDM (Juvenile Dermatomyositis).

Elaine heard about Heidi through her friend, Donna Harris of Linby based Applegarth Day Nursery, who invited her to the charity night in aid of Derbyshire based, Treetops Hospice.

“I sponsored a table at the charity ball and Elaine was one of my guests,” explained Donna. “Elaine took part in a game and when her number came out she won first prize.

“As Elaine already had an IPad she wanted to donate the prize to someone worthy. I know Heidi through her sister, Heather, who works at the nursery and so I suggested her as a worthy recipient.”

JDM is an auto-immune disease affecting approximately three children in every million per year.

Muscle weakness and skin rash are the main symptoms of JDM and it affects every child differently with some children experiencing a mild form of the disease while others display a more severe disease progression.

JDM is incurable at the moment but there are a number of treatment options which can help manage the symptoms.

“Heidi’s condition means she spends a lot of time in hospital receiving treatment so this gift will prove invaluable to her,” added Donna. “It was lovely of Elaine to give away her prize and very generous too.

Heidi was delighted when she received the Ipad from Elaine and Donna on Tuesday.

“I’m really grateful to them both,” said Heidi, who lives on Watnall Road. “It will help make the hours I have to spend in hospital more bearable and help pass the time.”

n OUR PHOTO shows Heidi (centre) receiving the iPad from Donna (left) and Elaine —DISPIC NHUD12-2966-2.