King’s Mill: Communicate properly

Kings Mill Hospital.
Kings Mill Hospital.

It is not important who formed the NHS in the scheme of things and neither is it right for any political party to use it as a point scoring exercise, Patients and there families should always come first, not funding or financial unachievable targets.

With this in mind I will tell that I entered King’s Mill Hospital last August with illness which is ongoing.

Having worked in communications most of my life and the recent past with the police I know the importance of good communication in such an organisation.

The communication in place at the moment for Sherwood Health Trust which covers Kings Mill Hospital is not fit for purpose, It is not based on good customer care but based on financial restraints. Yet Properly organised with customer care targets everyone wins and the added anxiety that patients there families and staff would reduce.

The time it took from diagnosis to the start of treatment in my case was 4 months due to poor communication and I had to contact my MP to get treatment started. I could expand but that is a job for the Executive office and the trust. There are many wonderful members off staff with excellent patient care but this should come from the top.

Philip Ball