King’s Mill: redressing the balance

10-2166-3''Kings Mill Hospital.
10-2166-3''Kings Mill Hospital.

In view of the constant steam of complaints concerning our NHS, particularly complaints relating to the very overworked staff throughout the NHS, I wish to express my own experience on this subject.

I have recently had occasion to visit the outpatients department at King’s Mill Hospital. The staff I encountered were all extremely pleasant and helpful.

The lady at the main reception desk was most polite and very quickly directed me to the department I needed.

The consultant and the nurses put me at ease immediately, and that high level of care continued throughout my treatment. Even a lovely “cuppa” before I was discharged !

I do feel that we only read and hear of the negative aspects of our health service (GP’s, hospitals, etc) and I just want to redress the balance a little.

Patricia S Temple