King’s Mill: Show some compassion

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Visiting a sick relative, particularly on Christmas Day, is always hard and we went along to King’s Mill on the morning of 25th December.

The staff at the hospital were fantastic; despite being away from their own families and loved ones, the nurses and auxiliaries care with compassion for those who have the misfortune to be in hospital over the festive period.

Much has been written about the parking charges at the hospital and I don’t wish to go over old ground.

However, I was shocked (but not completely surprised) to find that the tariff was still being enforced.

We were only visiting for an hour or so and the charge was relatively low. What about those visiting children, some of whom may be seeing their last Christmas?

I really felt sorry for those relatives who had to pay a significant amount of money to spend quality time with their loved ones on this special day.

I call on the powers that be in the hospital trust to show some compassion on Christmas Day to waive the charges and raise the barriers. What difference would it actually make to their finances? It would certainly go some way towards warming the hearts of those people who have to visit sick relatives on an especially difficult day when they cannot share their company at home.

Scrooge would certainly approve of this corporate short-sight.

Tim Priestley

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