Knife amnesty across county

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Did you know that if you carry a knife you are more likely to be injured with one?

Males in their late teens or early 20s are also most likely to be involved in knife crime, as either the offender or the victim.

To highlight the law,facts and dangers surrounding knives, the force, as part of its Alliance against Violence Campaign, will launch a knife amnesty on Monday.

There are worrying statistics regarding knife crime. In the last three years alone, 856 people were charged with possessing a knife and of those 774 were male and 82 were female. Most were aged 18 (59), 19 (53) and 16 (51).

Since April this year there have been 149 people charged with possessing a knife, most of whom were stopped in the city. Of those charged 139 were male and 10 were female. Most were aged 18 (10), 19 (8) and 25 (8).

During this time, 142 people have been injured with a knife and since 2010, 30 per centof homicide inquiries in Nottinghamshire have involved stabbings.

We’ve heard all the excuses under the sun. ‘I need it for protection’, I was carrying it for someone else’ or ‘I didn’t know’. None of which are acceptable and all of which we will arrest you for.

People think there is a distinct difference between carrying a knife and using one. I disagree. If you are carrying a knife you are more likely to reach for it at the sign of trouble. This immediately intensifies the situation and the knife is then often used as an extension of the fist or even in a perceived sense of self-defence.

The maximum penalty for an adult carrying an illegal knife is four years in prison and a fine of £5,000.

During the next few weeks we hope to draw attention to the laws around knives.

We have a collection bin at Hucknall police station where knives can be left with no questions asked.

Give yours up today.

around your communities and ‘like’ the Nottinghamshire Alliance Against Violence Facebook page.

If you suspect someone of carrying a knife contact Nottinghamshire Police or call Crimestoppers anonymously.