Laser guns at the ready....Let’s party!

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A PLAY centre in Hucknall is locked, loaded and ready to hit the bullseye after adding the innovative ‘Lazer Tag’ game to its arsenal of services.

The venture involves two teams of youngsters, armed with infrared-firing handsets, trying to score points by shooting their opposition.

Bosses at Oceans Of Fun, which is based in the former Spring Street School building, have spent almost £8,000 on installing the system. The centre can now be hired exclusively for two-hour ‘Lazer Tag’ parties.

Each game lasts about ten minutes, with teams able to check their positions on a digital scoreboard.

The project is the latest development at Oceans Of Fun, which was set up almost exactly four years ago by Hucknall mums Kerry Darch and Julie Lock. The venue has underwater-themed soft play at its heart.

Referring to ‘Lazer Tag’, Julie said: “This is a first for Hucknall. We wanted to do something different and branch out into something that will appeal to the older children.”

OUR PHOTO shows four Oceans Of Fun youngsters trying out the new ‘Lazer Tag’ game. They are (from left) three-year-olds Alfie Cooke, William Vardy and Danny Mountain, with four-year-old Roisin Sarokhmanesh — DISPIC NHUD 11-2904-3.