Last minute reprieve for Donkeys

Paul Hessey with children Emily and Callum with foal  Beauty.
Paul Hessey with children Emily and Callum with foal Beauty.

Four donkeys who risked being put down have been given a last minute reprieve by a Mansfield animal charity, thanks to the Chad.

The Chad told the heartbreaking story of how the Hessey family of Pleasley set out an SOS after the four donkeys - pets of their three autistic children - faced being put down if they could not be found a new home.

Just a week before the family’s notice to quit their current home expired Willow Street Farm stepped in to offer them a permanent home.

Paul Hessey 54 said; “This is great news. The donkeys have been found somewhere at last where they will have a lot of attention and the kids are over the moon.

“We will still be able to look after them and my eight year old daughter Emily is delighted.

“I would like to thank the Chad and all the readers who offered their help to us.”

David Anthony director of Willow Tree Farm, said: “We have a donkey on the site - our mascot, Willow - and it could do with a couple of friends, so this will be a great thing for us too.

They are going to get a lot of attention all day and that is what they need.”

“I was a bit worried if they didn’t find anywhere they could ended up going somewhere away from where his daughters are and she wanted to keep close to them.

“In the worst scenario he would have had to have them put down, I couldn’t let that happen.”

Now the donkeys, new born foal Beauty, Cinnamon, a year old foal, Cocoa and Biscuit have plenty of room to roam.

David added; “We are going to put a photo of each donkey up on an information board and she is giving us information about their personalities , what their likes and dislikes are.”

The donkeys were brought in together on Thursday, He added: “The famiy will be very much part of looking after them, helping to feed them and muck them out.

“The kids were eager to volunteer at the site as well so that’s an additional bonus.”

Willow Street Farm is a not for profit children’s educational charity which is run mainly by volunteers, with more than 35,000 visitors a year.

David said: “It is a really nice and safe environment for the children and the donkeys will now be an additional attraction.”

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