Late-night police hunt after girl (4) spotted roaming streets

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A FULL-scale search was launched after reports that a young child had been seen roaming a Hucknall street alone late at night.

A concerned member of the public dialled 999 after spotting the little girl on Annesley Road at 11 pm on Monday February 14.

Police responded within minutes and a swarm of officers was dispatched to look for the youngster, even though there had been no official reports issued that night of a missing child.

CCTV footage was checked but still the girl couldn’t be fond.

Finally, more than two hours later, a four-year-old child matching the description given by the original caller was found at a house near to Annesley Road.

The person who raised the alarm was taken to the house and identified the girl as the one he had seen on Annesley Road.

Mystery surrounds how she came to be on the street alone.

A spokesman for Hucknall police said: “There was a big co-ordinated search, plus lots of house-to-house enquiries with local residents.

“We respond as a matter of urgency to any report of a child alone in the street, particularly late at night. The girl’s family had not reported her missing.

“We treat anything like this as a matter of utmost importance and we dispatch resources immediately to investigate.

“In this case, the child was not in danger but we do not take any chances.”

Earlier this year, two children were spotted roaming the streets in Bulwell on their own in their pyjamas in the early hours of the morning.

The boys were seen at 12.30 am on Wednesday October 20 by a taxi driver on Cinderhill Road.

More than 100 officers, sniffer dogs and the police helicopter were used in a search.

Officers checked gardens and outbuildings and spoke with teachers at local schools in a bid to identify the boys during a two-day investigation.

The young boys, who were both aged under seven, were eventually traced to a house near Cinderhill Road. They had left their home and returned without their mum knowing.