‘Leapling’ arrives early for special birthdate at King’s Mill

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A baby born in Mansfield made an early appearance just in time to celebrate her arrival on the most unique of dates.

Emily Mae Moll was due on March 1, but clearly could not wait to make her big entrance having being born on Monday, February 29.

Weighing in at 7lb 13oz, she was born at 2.09am at King’s Mill Hospital.

She is just one of few babies known as ‘leaplings’ - born on the extra day of February during a Leap Year, meaning she will only celebrate her birthday every four years.

Pictured above is Emily with her proud parents Richard Moll (21) and Amy Orton, (22), who live in Sutton.

Emily is their second child.

Richard’s sister, Amy Moll, said: “They’re just now trying to decide which day she will celebrate her birthday in future.”