Lesley gets in a Hot Flush!

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Birds of Feather star Lesley Joseph is bringing hilarious menopausal musical ‘Hot Flush!’ to Mansfield Palace Theatre - a show that could be described as one of the naughtiest and funniest ever.

Telling the stories of four ordinary women and one man who are living extraordinary lives, it comes to town for one night only on Tuesday 11th March.

Myra is a successful divorce barrister whose rat of a husband has left her for a blonde bimbo, Jessica is struggling to understand life in the midst of a mid-life crisis, Sylvia has been married to Joe since she was 20 - and been bored since she was 21, while Helen, a widow, is trying to take one day at a time but sometimes several days attack her at once.

TV and stage star Lesley plays the ‘wisecracking but vulnerable’ Myra and is on her third run of the show because she ‘just couldn’t resist doing it again’.

“It has gone down so well with audiences. It’s the only show I’ve ever done where on the first night we overran by 15 minutes because there were so many laughs,” she said.

“It’s a hybrid show - it’s got music, drama, stand-up and revue. But the main thing is that it’s very, very funny.”

Lesley describes Hot Flush’s humour as ‘very near the knuckle’ but discusses topics that women - menopausal or not - identify with.

She said: “It’s part of a genre of theatre that connects with hormonal housewives and hen parties.

“They are people who want to leave their troubles behind and come out for a real laugh. Hot Flush! speaks directly to that audience, and that’s why it works so brilliantly.”

Though Lesley admits to not being the best singer in the world, she knows how to sell a song in this musical comedy, but says the part she enjoys the most is a section in which she talks to the audience directly.

“Hot Flush! ticks all the boxes for me. It gives me my stand-up and my musical fix for the year,” she added.