Let’s get positive with our new Dispatch campaign

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THIS morning, the Dispatch launches a new, fresh, vibrant campaign aimed at improving the lot of everyone in the Hucknall and Bulwell area.

The year 2011 was all about doom and gloom.

Nationally, the country was enveloped by an economic downturn that resulted in job losses, pay freezes and cuts to public services.

Locally, the Dispatch district was also hit by shock lifestyle-statistics on health, life expectancy, obesity, debt, deprivation and poverty.

Shocking comparisons were even made with the dark days of Dickensian times as families and vulnerable and elderly people struggled to make ends meet.

The year 2012 promises more of the same.

But here at the Dispatch, we are determined to do something about it.

So we have launched our new campaign, FIT, HEALTHY AND HAPPY.

We want to get positive and focus on the movers and shakers trying to improve the lives of all families and residents in the Hucknall and Bulwell area.

We want to promote and showcase the community groups, local businesses and individuals who have the ideas and initiatives to make things better. To make us feel fitter, happier and healthier.

Explained editor Richard Silverwood: “The statistics from news stories we ran last year speak for themselves.

“But equally, in all my 34 years at the Dispatch, I have never known the area so down, so depressed, so lacking in life.

“As the area’s community newspaper, we want to do our bit to improve those stats, to help those who are suffering, to inject some vitality.

“All we can offer is publicity. But by spreading a positive message, we hope to inspire people to get projects moving.

“Fit, Healthy And Happy isn‘t just a campaign about losing a few pounds in a diet as part of a New Year’s resolution.

“It’s about breathing new life and fresh hope into a Dispatch district that has suffered more than its share of knockbacks. It’s about improving health, finances, careers, lifestyles, job prospects. The lot.”

From today, the fightback begins. Why not join us on our crusade?


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