Let’s get positive — with the new Dispatch campaign for 2012!

THE year 2011 was all about doom and gloom.

Nationally, the country was enveloped by an economic downturn that resulted in job losses, pay freezes and cuts to public services.

Locally, the Dispatch district was also hit by shock statistics on health, life expectancy, obesity and poverty.

The year 2012 promises more of the same.

But here at the Dispatch, we are determined to do something about it.

So don’t miss next week’s edition of the Dispatch, published on Friday February 17, when we launch our new campaign, FIT, HEALTHY AND HAPPY.

We want to get positive and focus on the movers and shakers trying to improve the lot of everyone in the Hucknall and Bulwell area.

Join us on our crusade in next week’s Dispatch when the fightback begins!