LETTER: Brexit - no half way house

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For 300years, the UK had been a self governing sovereign nation and during that time attained great wealth, created an empire and defended the sovereignty of many nations in two world wars.

Then on January 1, 1973 Edward Heath took us into the Common market – later to become the EU – and unbelievably gave away some of our sovereignty to gain a trade deal.

The referendum this time last year regarding our EU membership contained a simple question, do we want to leave or stay?

Many have claimed this question had insufficient detail. However, it is transparently clear the question was asking did we want the return of our sovereignty.

Such a return would allow us to trade with the world under our own terms, would allow control of our borders so immigration could be limited and allow us once more to control our own destiny in a multitude of ways that have been taken over by the EU.

In addition, we would regain the sovereignty of our seas, as defined by International law, which is so important to our fishermen.

Further questions were thus not necessary. The answer was yes and I believe the majority would have been far greater if matters had been explained better.

As we enter the negotiations with the EU two processes have to take place.

To regain our sovereignty we have to withdraw from the EU treaties, the Customs Union, and the European Court of Justice. This process should be straight forward as the terms of leaving are laid out in the EU treaties. By these actions we will naturally lose access to the European Internal market, Single Market.

We then have to agree on a way to work with the EU in the future and this will cover our trade relationships. Such an agreement would become a new treaty between the UK and the EU. The only viable option on trade is a new free trade agreement as any access to the Single Market would have conditions that would completely nullify the purpose of withdrawing from the EU treaties in the first place.In all of this I fail to see why commentators and politicians alike, talk incessantly of soft and hard Brexit as there are definite processes to go through with no sensible alternatives.

It is also clear a half way house for several years would only delay our opportunity to be a vibrant nation again, free from the dominance of the EU administration.

MA McCormick