LETTER: Brexit - we are being browbeaten

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Brexit is not going well. The electorate courageously decided they wanted to leave the EU, against the pressure of practically all those in power.

Unfortunately, this determination has not been shown by those who are required to carry out the will of the peo ple and the outlook is looking bleak.

The single aim of leaving the EU is to regain our sovereignty that was given away 40years ago.

From that aim, stems all the other benefits people are looking for.

It would allow; all laws that we abide by to be generated by Westminster; control of immigration; international rights to our fishing grounds; and the ability to trade with the world on our own terms. Unfortunately, while the electorate have generally abided by the democratic decision, there have been many in positions of power, in Westminster, banks, big businesses and the media, who have not accepted the decision.

Together, they have provided a substantial stumbling block to the elected government.

From the start we have been inundated with claims leaving the EU is a horrific mistake. Before the referendum, the Treasury produced a forecast, which has been proven to be entirely wrong.

They have now released a report that claims the UK will be worse off after Brexit, whatever deal is made with the EU.

The BBC has broadcast these predictions with relish, but expert economists such as Professor Patrick Minford have rebuked the claims, on the basis the wrong assumptions have been used for the predictions.

The latest attempt to deride those leading the Brexit campaign is to call them extremists that want the hardest Brexit.

There is nothing extreme about wanting to regain our sovereignty and the only way to do this is to leave all the EU institutions.

That is Brexit, neither hard nor soft, there are no options.

So far in discussions the Government have been browbeaten by the EU but must not allow the UK to leave the EU in a way that does not regain our full sovereignty.

If it does Brexit will have failed and we will all be worse off in many ways.

M A McCormick


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