LETTER: don’t criticise, give King’s Mill Hospital the praise it deserves

Kings Mill Hospital.
Kings Mill Hospital.

I feel I must write about my experiences at King’s Mill Hospital this year. The hospital seems to get bad publicity from the media and also some patients.

Staring in February my GP found a lump in my throat. I was immediately sent to see a consultant who confirmed this.

From then on I saw four different doctors and had five different scans. I could not have had better treatment if I had been paying privately.

All the doctors, nurses and office staff were very polite and could not have done more to put me at ease. The blood tests, ECG and broncoscopy, which I had dreaded, was not so bad with the explanations given.

I have now had a major operation and have nothing but praise for everyone involved.

Over 51 years I have had two children and various operations and have been satisfied with the care I have been given. So come on, please, instead of condemning King’s Mill Hospital give it the praise they deserve.

Hazel Warden

Birds Lane,

Kirkby Woodhouse.