LETTER: Finding festive cash is harder than ever

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We are heading rapidly towards the annual festive spendathon - for many it has already begun - and with everyone feeling so hard-pressed at the moment I’ve no doubt that finding the cash for presents is going to be harder than ever.

It’s so tempting to buy the same mass produced rubbish that everyone is giving their relatives this year.
I know that I have been guilty of buying umpteen plastic trinkets that are no doubt now rotting away in pieces on a rubbish tip somewhere half way across the Atlantic.
However, this year I’m determined to buy something worthwhile that might last beyond January.
And one of the best ways to do that is visit an independent retailer.
They are much more likely to have products that will last longer, mean more to their recipient and by supporting local businesses you are 
helping to inject more cash into the town’s economy. So when you hit the shops this year make sure you take in some locally owned and run shops and help spread the Christmas joy further where we live.

Kevin Hardacre

By email