LETTER: Garden tax - why so much fuss?

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Recently, I received an A3 leaflet called Ashfield News, from the independents on Ashfield District Council.

It proclaims “Labour’s Garden Tax”.

Unfortunately, in my view, it contains a lot of “false news” and innuendo about the garden waste bins.

It states: “Ashfield will now have one of the highest charges in Nottinghamshire”.

Yes, it is joint second with Gedling for a one-off payment of £34. Ruschcliffe is higher at £35. Broxtowe is next at £31, and the rest of the Nottinghamshire district councils are £30.

All councils charge for garden waste and most have been doing so for the last two years.

At least Ashfield was free during that period.

There is a £5 difference between the highest and lowest.

The councils are virtually the same price. Why the fuss?

Ashfield does offer a second way to pay – which no other council seems to do – and that is with direct debit at £28. At that price, Ashfield has the lowest cost. The leaflet didn’t tell you that.

It seems the Independents protest too much about nothing.

Derek Wileman


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