Letter: Global Warming

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A different Green now

Not long ago being green meant one had a love of the countryside in all its aspects and having a high regard for its preservation in order to provide joy for future generations.

It has now been taken over by the global warming brigade to mean the reduction in emissions of man made carbon dioxide.

This change of meaning has caused a change of emphasis to the way our countryside is regarded with the consequence that wind farms are now spoiling some of our most beautiful landscapes.

These inefficient and thereby expensive producers of electricity are springing up all over the place and it is becoming difficult to make any journey without seeing at least one. Now we have one alongside the village of Papplewick in some of Nottinghamshire’s most beautiful countryside.

I wonder how many others feel like me that this is an unwelcome intrusion into our lives for virtually no change to the global amount of carbon dioxide.

If we cut our emissions to zero then the global change will be almost unperceivable as the UK is only responsible for two per cent of global emissions.

In addition, the fact that China has been increasing its emissions at a high rate would mean that any change we did make would be wiped out within a matter of months.Gedling Council have given planning permission for the one at Papplewick and it is this council who are preparing to build 1,000 houses close to the village of Linby.

It would appear that they have forgotten the old meaning of being green and perhaps it is not surprising that many of the grand houses in Linby have suddenly gone up for sale.

M. A. McCormick