Letter: GP Service, never the same doctor

Doctors waiting room.  Chesterfield.
Doctors waiting room. Chesterfield.

When I was young if I needed to see a doctor any day Monday to Friday you just went to the surgery and took your turn in the waiting room.

It’s a different story these days.

I am pleased to say I have not needed to visit a doctor very often over the last 10 years or so only for minor problems so was not bothered which doctor I saw and never had to wait long to see one.

Recently though I have a developed a long term problem, not too long I hope, and I now wish to see the same doctor each time I go because they have seen me from the onset and are able to see the changes in me each time I visit.

If I have to see a different doctor they do not have the time in a 10 minute consultation to read all my notes so I have to then tell them all over again what my problem is and they do not know if I have improved or not.

Now this is where the problems start.

I had to have a blood test done and needed to speak to my doctor about my prescription, I was told there were no appointments for three weeks; so I said I did not really need an appointment just to speak to them on the telephone, only to be told they did not even have any telephone appointment spaces left either. So I finished up having to write a note on my repeat prescription knowing it would probably not be my doctor who renewed it (which it wasn’t) so I was left on the same tablet as before.

I now want to make an appointment to see ‘my doctor’ but can’t make it more than 28 days in advance.

My wife went to see my doctor on an appointment and explained what had happened, they were very apologetic but said it was being caused by Government restrictions, what a surprise.

We keep being told by whoever works out the statistics that there is enough capacity at the doctors surgeries we have in Hucknall now to be able to cope with all the new families that are going to move into their nice new houses currently being built, not just in Hucknall but Gedling as well.

Well if that is so; why am I having to make an appointment so far in advance and not even able to speak to my doctor on the telephone at times.

Unless I am being pessimistic which I don’t think I am then this situation is only going to get a lot worse.

Is there no wonder people travel to A&E for minor problems.

I can’t speak for any other surgeries in Hucknall, but I go to Torkard Hill Health Centre and I rate them very highly. They do a great job even under the constraints they find themselves under.

It must be obvious that if you build hundreds/thousands of new houses then you must need more surgeries now; not when it gets so bad that surgeries can’t cope.

It will then take years to find a plot in the right place, design and get planning permission, build and get in operational order.

Is this what they call forward planning these days?


Born and Bred Huckallite