LETTER: Gutter row - help clear debris

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Some weeks ago on your letter’s page, a query was raised about tenants’ roof gutters on estates in and around Bulwell.

Some residents live adjoined to homes let by Nottingham City Council and managed by other people who maintain them on the council’s behalf.

When tenants pay rent, it’s up to those who do the repairs to come and check their tenants’ roof gutters and to clear out any debris which collects from time to time, especially when tenants share their gutters with their neighbours.

The tenants’ neighbours have to deal with their own roof gutters and it’s been a long time since the tenants’ roof gutters have been attended to, at least seven years.

So it’s time Nottingham City Homes did their share.

I am a pensioner and I climb ladders to check our roof gutters each year. So surely city homes repair staff can do their tenants roof gutters with much younger staff?

Bulwell resident

By email