LETTER: HS2 - results to be '˜monstrous'

There are remarkable similarities between the HS2high-speed railway line and the Hucknall town centre modification projects.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 4th August 2017, 2:22 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:26 pm

Both have ignored the possibilities of modernising existing facilities and have gone for a new scheme at eye watering costs.

Both fantasise large commercial benefits will result and both have environmental consequences that affect many.

Naturally, because HS2 is the much larger project, the detrimental effects are much greater than those involved in the Hucknall project.

The benefits of HS2 depend entirely on shortened journey times, but England is too small for high-speed trains to be really effective.

Consequently, most journey times will not be greatly reduced and the effect on the door to door times will be even less significant.

For example, it will take longer to get from Hucknall to the HS2 stop at Toton than to Nottingham train station and this will negate the shorter HS2 train time.

The environmental impacts of HS2 during construction and operation are mind boggling.

In Hucknall, cutting a new road through a Victorian housing estate has shown the disadvantage of such an action, i.e. it does not sit well and the overall appearance is not aesthetically pleasing.

However, HS2 will carve its way through countless towns and villages in the same way and some of the results described already on TV will be monstrous.

Hucknall residents have recently had to put up with what seemed like endless disruption as the town centre was modified.

The detrimental effect on the town during that time was very obvious.

Locally, HS2 will run alongside the M1 on the Hucknall side.

It will cross, under or over, the A610 at Nuthall, Watnall Road at Hucknall and the A608 at Junction 27.

Imagine the disruption caused to the whole area when these crossings are built.

Lastly, the HS2 Company is writing to all residents who live within 1km of the track, because compensation might be offered.

It makes one wonder why Ashfield District Council allowed the development of land off Watnall Road, for Sandlands Park and Hawkers Place, knowing all that land is within the 1km distance.

M A McCormick