LETTER: Someone must be responsible over closure

Warsop Meden Sports Centre
Warsop Meden Sports Centre

Councillor Shields, firstly, can I thank you for clearing up the issue regarding the closure to Meden Sports Centre (MSC).

I was a regular user of the gym at MSC; however, due to the lack of communication initially, I have cancelled my Direct Debit.

The fact that the centre was closed with ‘immediate effect’ identifies significant failings within the operational model of the leisure centre.

Now that the centre has reached a point where an immediate closure was required shows the facility has been mismanaged for a long time. I say this as routine maintenance checks would have highlighted any potential risks to users and staff well in advance of this abrupt closure.

It only further reiterates the fact that the centre has not been maintained properly.

Furthermore, fire safety reasons have been raised for the closure, if this is the case, who would have taken the responsibility if, for arguments sake, a fire had started and a member of public had been injured on the Thursday before closure?

I am not a keen supporter of the blame game but someone has to take responsibility.

As the gym is under ownership of Mansfield District Council, the authority has to provide a continuous level of service for all its users, the members of the public.

With the closure of MSC, this level of service is now non-existent. Taking the easy route and saying use other gyms within the district may soften the blow but we should never be at this current stage.

The fact you boast 650 people are now members since the new partnership is great, however I feel that is mainly down to the significant reduction in membership fee and effectively the result of the “use it or lose it” scaremongering campaign that proceeded before it, as there have been no additions or improvements to the centre’s facilities. On the flip-side to the membership increases, this now means that far more people have been let down as a result of this closure.

Surely an increase from 150 to 650 memberships shows that people are using the facility therefore more focus should be put on it instead of simply taking the monthly membership fees without giving maintenance a second thought?

Mr Cooke


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