LETTER: Speed bumps treat us all as criminals

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After reading in the Chad 2nd July, how the head of highways, Andrew Warrington, stated there were less accidents and injuries due to having road humps in our region, I was disgusted.

Many people have ended up with physical injuries due to those crazy humps which the likes of him say are good.

Also hundreds of people have had to pay a massive amount of money to have their cars repaired.

MrWarrington ought to be forced to drive over them, especially in winter when none of these roads can be cleared of snow and ice, which makes it more dangerous.

Also if they are a good thing, why aren’t they on every estate in Mansfield, Oak Tree Lane, Berry Hill, Bellamy Road and other areas?

By having them in Ladybrook and Westfield Lane region, Mr Warrington is victimising everyone who lives there and treating all as common criminals.

Those humps have delayed emergency vehicles up to seven minutes, which is a long time when an innocent person’s life is at risk. What would Mr Warrington do if that life was his?

It is, and was, a stupid thing to have those road humps when we could have had speed cameras, which would have been far cheaper.

If anyone is seriously injured by those idiotic road humps, Mr Warrington ought to be made to pay the price.

Kate Allsop


WHAT DO YOU THINK? Do speed bumps stop boy racers turning housing estates into racetracks - or do they just damage cars and cause hold-ups?

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