LETTER: Thank you to our voters

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I would on behalf of the Hucknall First Community Forum candidates in the Nottinghamshire County Council elections John Wilmott, Trevor Locke and Geoff Ware, thank all those Hucknall residents who voted for us in that election and for all the help that was offered to us by the residents of the town and members of the group. Although we did not obtain any seats on the council, we will continue to help any group, organisation or individual who has any problem with Ashfield District Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, the police or the Clinical Commissioning Group, who oversee the running of the doctors surgeries. We shall also follow with interest the work being done by your newly elected county representatives and the work being done by your district council representatives and holding them to account on your behalf for the work being done in the community and on delivering the services that you so richly deserve. Do not forget we meet at the Tesco superstore in Hucknall in their upstairs conference room on the first Wednesday of each month, at 7pm. Come and have your say, it is important that Hucknall people have the opportunity to air their grievances.

Coun John Wilmott

A member of the Hucknall First Community Forum