LETTER: Time to man the lifeboats over Euro referendum

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What a fascinating article with our current MPs wanting a referendum on Europe.

I have sympathy for the Tory MP for Sherwood as I understand the Conservatives have been saying for a long time “if they win the next election they will have a referendum in 2017”.

Labour’s current stance is no such action. Liberal Democrats are the party of IN, UKIP a party of OUT.

With the current elections fresh in our minds and as Mr Farage says “the UKIP fox is in the Westminster hen house” our esteemed elected member feels the need to speak out, proclaiming that a referendum is needed once and for all.

You should be telling that to your leader.

Why not submit an early day motion in the Commons, defy your whip make a stance?

Now the UKIP foxes are about and the people have voted in substantial numbers for them.

All the parties have been denouncing UKIP to be racists, that does not say much for their 8,700 voters in Mansfield: are they racist? These are genuine concerned residents of our district with issues they feel need addressing.

It says a great deal when only 6,600 voted Labour.

Now the political manoeuvring has started and the major parties are trying to “shoot the fox”.

It seems to me, people offer you anything at election times with less than a year to go.

Interesting times.

County Councillor Stephen Garner

Mansfield South Independent

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