LETTER: Why waste money on this pointless survey?

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As a Hucknall resident I was annoyed that I have received a letter from our Member of Parliament asking our views whether Hucknall should be a part of Nottingham City Council or not.

On contacting the political Leadership of Nottingham City Council, their reply was this was not on the agenda, and not likely to be, as there are more important issues to be considering, which includes, balancing the budget and providing good quality front line services.

Why then would the MP for Sherwood pursue an agenda to create despondency after an “off the cuff” comment by an inexperienced City Councillor, who was merely expressing their opinion?

Perhaps he should have asked the City Council himself, before wasting public money distributing a pointless survey which is in no one’s interest to pursue.

Cllr Chris Baron

Leader of the Council

Hucknall West Ward

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