LETTERS: I’m fed up with the minefield of mess

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Every day I walk the minefield of dog poo to school and its getting worse!

All the way up Hawthorn Avenue, up Garden Road and along Park Avenue and up to Roberts Lane, the walk to school is horrendous.

Do these lazy dog owners not realise the dangers of the mess they leave behind?

A simple Google search gives an unbelievable sickening list; from round worms, heart worms, tape worms, whipworms, hook worms, parvo, corona, giardiosis, salmonellosis, cryptosporidiosis, and campylobacteriosis!

One gram of dog waste can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria which can cause cramps, intestinal illness and serious kidney disorders in humans! It’s well known children have suffered blindness too!

Do they not care about the mess smeared along the pavement as people have accidentally walked in it and pushchairs go through it, as there’s no missing it as it’s everywhere?

Every day more is added. Come on, please pick it up!

You can get free poop bags from the Council office on Watnall Road; or cheap food bags or nappy sacks. There’s no excuse! I walk a friend’s dog and if I have no pockets, I tie a few bags to the lead.

The dog warden needs to start walking up and down in the morning along the route and start fining people!

Maybe if they hit the pocket of these people it will stop them being so irresponsible.

Clare Louise Foster

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