Letters: No buses on Bath Street

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No Maggie Throup we dont want cars, buses or any other vehicles on Bath Street. What gave you that brilliant idea?

Bath Street is fine just as it is, mothers can let young children run around

without worrying about them. You can stop and have a chat with people without others having to squeeze past you.

You can talk without having to shout over traffic noise. You can breathe clean air, not exhaust fumes. Cars and buses already use lower Bath Street, are there more and better shops there than upper Bath Street?

I simply can’t understand the logic of anyone who thinks that allowing traffic onto the pedestrianised part would lead to more shoppers. The only way it could, would be to let

drivers park outside the shop they wanted to use, and that ain’t going to happen is it?

No, just leave well alone. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

- John Beresford, Pentridge Drive, Ilkeston