Licence review of Hucknall’s H20 music bar over noise complaints

Complaints over noise from a late night bar in Hucknall prompted a licence review hearing by Ashfield District Council.

The H2O bar, based on the corner of High Street in the town centre, is a popular music venue.

However since February, one resident, who lives in a flat nearby, has made a number of complaints about the high noise levels.

Mr Ronald Malone lives on Baker Street and the rear of his flat overlooks the rear yard belonging to the bar which currently houses the smoking area.

“I sleep in the rear bedroom in order to avoid the noise from the market square,” said Mr Malone in his statement to the council. “However since the opening of H20 and the smoking area at the rear, noise levels have become intolerable.”

Mr Malone said the noise gradually got louder the later it got and is ‘compounded when the rear doors are opened’.

Ashfield Council environmental health officers (EHO)have been monitoring the levels with equipment at Mr Malone’s flat who was also asked to keep a diary.

EHOalso visited the premises on numerous occasions and reported their findings saying ‘the noise levels experienced from the smoking area was extremely intrusive in the bedroom of the complainant’s property due to the level and nature of the noise’.

Now, following the hearing, it has been agreed that the bar will relocate its smoking area to the front of the property to reduce noise.

“I’m delighted to say that common sense prevailed,” said a spokesman for the bar “The outcome was very positive for all parties concerned.

“We sympathise with the resident and are pleased that we have come up with a result that everyone is happy with.”