Linby man inspired new film archive of coal industry

A Linby man who fought during the Second World War and who later became a well-known name in the mining industry, has inspired a fascinating film archive.

Nottinghamshire NUM, Ex and Retired Miners’ Association were awarded £46,500 by the Heritage Lottery Fund to film local people’s memories of six Nottinghamshire coal mines, including Ollerton, Rufford, Blidworth, Newstead, Linby and Hucknall.

Final compilations of the film will be available for loan early next year from Nottinghamshire County Council’s Libraries Service and a copy will be kept in the council’s Archives Service in Nottingham.

The collection of interviews was inspired by the late Frank Ellis, of Linby, who gave the association the inspiration to get started.

The archive now has more than 40 people, including some of the biggest names involved in the miners strike, including former county NUM general secretary Henry Richardson.

For more information, visit or call the association on 01623 416895.