Linby road accident ‘narrowly missed’ schoolkids


A car which went off the road in Linby narrowly missed local primary school children on a visit, say concerned residents

The incident, which happened on Main Road at 9.45am today, highlights a ‘very dangerous road’ they warn, and fear that plans for more housing in the area will create further problems.

Crews from Stockhill and Hucknall, as well as specialist rescue vehicles from Highfields Station, attended the scene on Main Street and extricated a woman from her car. She was then taken to hospital by ambulance.

Linby parish councillor Simon Molsom said: “In the village of Linby, there are near misses and significant traffic problems on a daily basis.

“Current and unsupported proposals by Gedling Borough Council (GBC) are about to make this a whole lot worse.

“How shocking that the reckless deceit of a few incompetent decision makers in Arnold can put us locals at such risk.”

He said the accident ‘only serves to highlight this very dangerous local road.’

He said: “We have brought it to GBC’s attention countless times, that before they build hundreds of additional houses in the village, they need to carry out a detailed study on how the roads can accommodate the increased volume of traffic. These narrow little roads were never designed to cope with such traffic.

“Gedling continue to ignore objections from the local communities to their proposals – choosing instead to blindly charge on with their reckless plans.

“Indeed, at a recent planning committee meeting to consider 38 new homes at Top Wighay site, the planning department were happy to recommend approval to the proposal despite objections from the County Highways Dept, the local Parish Council and local resident groups.

“Two years ago, following concerns from the local communities over the safety of our local roads, GBC assured the planning inspector and local residents that a detailed transport and traffic assessment would be carried out and all the details would be fully considered before any development was considered in our area. This has still never happened.”