LIS ‘not viable’ to deliver jobs and local growth

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A decision to slash council grant schemes has led to criticism from councillors over funding for community schemes in the future.

The Local Improvement Scheme (LIS) at Nottinghamshire County Council is to have its £3 million-a-year budget cut by 50 per cent, with a new scheme set up to help create more jobs.

However, of the £1.5 million left over, only £500,000 would be retained for community-based environmental improvement schemes under the new name -Supporting Local Communities Fund- and £1 million would be used for job and growth retention under the Economic Development Committee.

This effectively cuts the LIS money down to a sixth of its size, a move which has angered some members.

Coun Gail Turner said the scheme had been invaluable for many, including a project in her Selston ward where it will largely pay for a war memorial.

She said: “It’s bitterly disappointing, there have been some amazing projects throughout the county and it’s a shame that we won’t be able to do that anymore.

“If you divide that £500,000 between each councillor now there’s less than £10,000 and you can’t do any local schemes with that.

“I understand there has to be a reduction in budgets, but this was a cracking scheme.”

Coun Richard Butler added: “The Local Improvement Scheme was three times over-subscribed when there was £3 million in the pot, so with only £500,000 now available there will be a lot of people across Nottinghamshire left disappointed when their projects are refused.”