Litterbugs hit with heavy fines

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A HARD-hitting warning has been issued to residents in Hucknall that “crimes against the environment”, such as dropping litter, will not be tolerated.

Ashfield District Council is planning to continue its crackdown on littering, fly-tipping and other similar offences, including graffiti, which blight local neighbourhoods.

It conducted a survey which revealed that most of those who discard their rubbish illegally are residents who live within the district.

Locals have also repeatedly stated that problems with litter and fly-tipping are among their major concerns.

The council says it takes the problem very seriously and is aiming to prosecute, through the courts, those who do not listen to the warnings.

Over the past month, three women have all been fined in court for dropping cigarette ends in the street. They were: Susan Fearne, of David Street, Kirkby; Wendy Brett, of Hill Crescent, Sutton; and Josephine Allsop, of Percival Crescent, Sutton.

They failed to turn up at Mansfield Magistrates Court but were each slapped with punishments of £830, which were made up of £525 in fines and £305 in court costs.

Earlier this year, a man was also jailed for dumping a skipful of waste in Hucknall, including asbestos.

Edd de Coverly, head of neighbourhood services at Ashfield Council, said: “These prosecutions enforce the point that the council will not tolerate crimes against the environment, particularly where the health and wellbeing of the general public can potentially be adversely affected.”

The council is also backing the Dispatch campaign to clean up Hucknall town centre.