LOCAL ELECTIONS: Labour landslide in Bulwell

THE POLITICAL landscape in Bulwell mirrored the rest of Nottingham as Labour stormed to victory in the city at the local elections.

For the party dominated the town, taking all six Nottingham City Council seats up for grabs.

Overall, Labour dominated the vote, winning an astonishing 50 of the 55 positions available at the council with the Tories scooping the other five.

Bulwell has always been a staunchly Labour enclave.

At the elections four years ago, it was a surprise when Conservative Gerry Davie was selected in Bulwell Forest.

But this time around it was a clean sweep with the red rose landing three seats in each of the Bulwell Forest and Bulwell wards.

In Bulwell Forest, Eunice Campbell retained her seat and came top with another defending councillor, Alan Clark, close behind.

Debutant Nick McDonaldcame third with the aforementioned Mr Davie more than 1,300 votes adrift in fourth place.

In Bulwell, sitting councillors Ginny Klein and John Hartshorne stormed to victory, with well-known local campaigner and activist Jackie Morris in third — again a full 1,300 votes ahead of her closest challenger.