Lottery setback as funding bid on hold

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Campaigners wanting to reopen the Byron Cinema have hit a setback.

The group has announced that

the Heritage Lottery Fund has put the group’s £1.9m application on hold.

One of the conditions of acceptance was that the group could match-fund 10 per cent, but as yet it does not have £190,000.

Ria Cash, Byron Community Project team chairman, told a public meeting held in the Byron Cinema on Saturday: “We’ve had a setback but we’re by no means defeated.

“The Heritage Lottery Fund have put our £1.9m grant application on hold for the time being, because we have yet to meet one of their conditions for acceptance.

“To have our application considered, we have to provide proof of 10 per cent match funding from other sources; that’s £190,000.

“Our application hasn’t been turned down, and the Lottery Fund people in Nottingham have offered us support and guidance to improve our chances of acceptance.”

Project team member David Heathcote said the group would look at additional funding avenues in the short term.

He said: “With this in mind, we are taking up Nottinghamshire County Council’s invitation to apply for up to £50,000 Supporting Local Communities grant.”

The closing date for the application is in December.

County councillor Alice Grice said: “I’m happy to support them in any way I can. The SLC fund, to which the group is hoping to submit a bid, is allocated according to a point scoring system based on the positive impact the project will have on the community.

“We are aware of a number of potential bids from Hucknall and there will be many groups across the county applying for a share of this £500,000 fund. Myself and my fellow councillors are keen to engage with the team at the Byron Project to explore all avenues of funding.”