Lotto money hope for historic Dovecote move

Bulwell dovecote
Bulwell dovecote

LOTTERY money is being sought in an ambitious bid to move the historic Bulwell Dovecote to a new site.

The aim is to transfer the building (pictured) brick by brick from its present locaion on Commercial Road to Bulwell Bogs recreation park.

The Friends of Bulwell Bogs group is looking into the cost of the scheme and this includes finding a new home for the dovecote, which is well over 300 years old.

Pigeons used to be kept in the dovecote for winter food long before the days of supermarkets. It was an initiative by the then newly-formed Bulwell Historical Society which saved the building from demolition in the early 1980s after it fell into a bad state of repair.

A rare feature of the dovecote, which is opposite Bulwell’s landmark Strelley House, is that it still has its original nesting boxes.

Coun Jackie Morris, a Bulwell Labour member of Nottingham City Council, said the dovecote was hidden away and had repeatedly been a target for vandals.

She stressed that although obtaining the required funding was a key factor, the dovecote move was ‘definitely still in the pipeline’ as a long-term project.

One nearby resident welcomed the proposal because it would prevent the dovecote going to rack and ruin. She claimed that the building had been used for drug activity.

John Martin (43), of Snape Wood, said he would be pleased to see the dovecote in a more prominent position where the public could enjoy seeing the building.