Loveable Kaiser takes the LEAD on guide dog fundraising!

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A DOG that has become a star attraction at a book shop in Bulwell is taking the LEAD in raising cash for the charity, Guide Dogs For The Blind.

Eleven-stone Kaiser is well-known at KT’s Discount Books on Main Street.

He sits behind the till and has become a hit with customers, young and old, who love to give him a stroke and a treat.

But now the Neapolitan mastiff, crossed with a presa canario, is biting back as part of a charity drive — and calling for donations every time someone gives him a pat.

He and owner Katie Levy (18), who owns KT’s Discount Books, are bidding to raise more than £500 that will go towards buying and training a guide dog for someone who is blind or partially sighted.

Already Kaiser has inspired his fans to hand over more than £180 through the initiative.

But Katie and her dad, Mark, who is also involved, are looking for extra support from the local community to meet the aim.

Katie said: “Kaiser has become a real star. Everyone comes in to see him. Only this week, we have had three people come in to bring him a Christmas present.

“Some people only come into the shop to see Kaiser and bring him a treat. If I head towards the door or leave the till, he follows me. As soon as someone sees him, they are attracted to the shop. Everyone loves him.”

Kaiser, who is two years old, has been a fixture at the Bulwell shop since it opened in October last year.

“We decided to capitalise on Kaiser’s popularity with the fundraising,” added Katie. “Our message is for people to come in and show their support.”

KT’s Discount Books hit the headlines last year with an infamous sign in its window that warned shoplifters ‘would be shot’!

Now the store has another deterrent to thieves in the shape of imposing Kaiser.

Anyone who would like to donate to the Guide Dogs For The Blind fundraising can do so until the end of January at the shop.

OUR PHOTO shows Kaiser with his collecting tin — DISPIC NHUD11-3416-2.