Lovelace shines with trio of one-act plays

FEELING HUNGRY -- the cast for 'What's For Pudding?', with teenage director Chloe Smith (front right). PHOTO BY: Peter Jordan
FEELING HUNGRY -- the cast for 'What's For Pudding?', with teenage director Chloe Smith (front right). PHOTO BY: Peter Jordan

A CLOSER look through the eyes of our reviewer at a trio of plays staged by the Hucknall-based Lovelace Theatre Group.

PLAY REVIEWS — ‘What’s For Pudding?’, ‘Joining The Club’ and ‘The Fat Lady Sings In Little Grimley’, Lovelace Theatre Group, John Godber Centre, Hucknall.

THINGS never seem to run smoothly in plays by reputed comedy dramatist David Tristram.

Arguments abounded in a trio of one-act offerings by Tristram, presented by Hucknall’s Lovelace Theatre Group as its October production.

Take Jack and Mary in the first play, ‘What’s For Pudding?’ This seemingly innocuous question sparks a full-scale row between the couple, who have been married for 15 years and are on the eve of their wedding anniversary.

Roger Knowles played the bored and long-suffering Jack, and Vicky Clarke was delightfully shrewish as the exasperated Mary. They are aided and abetted by three visiting friends — another couple, Ted (Chris Stevenson) and Maureen (Jess Wall), whose own marriage is not exactly a bed of roses, and the irksome Dennis (Fahad Qayyum), who is preoccupied with buying new trousers ‘on the club’.

Two talented sixth-formers at Hucknall’s Holgate Comprehensive School, Anna Nesbitt and Tom Morley, had the stage all to themselves as a young couple, Jenny and Tom, in the 15-minute second play, ‘Joining The Club’.

Jenny, a highly successful career-woman, is about to tell Tom that she is expecting a baby. But Tom has some startling news of his own — that he has quit his job as a salesman after failing to gain a promotion.

Anna and Tom gave impressive portrayals of the couple, showing how they come to terms with these life-changing challenges.

The final play, ‘The Fat Lady Sings In Little Grimley’, was the longest of the three, lasting 50 minutes. The plot is about an amateur dramatic group which has come perilously close to folding.

To make matters worse, the four members learn that another society is planning a showwhich looks a surefire hit because it has ‘sex’ in the title.

After a nervy start, the beleaguered quartet — Tony Garwood as Gordon, Bernie Kirk as Joyce, Liesa Sisson as Margaret and Jacob Hunt-Wheatly as Bernard — captured the spirit of this farce as they eventually turn the tables on their rivals.

The plays, directed by Chloe Smith, Graham Smith and Linda Mayes, supported by Alex Whittaker, were well received during their three-night run.