Low-pay employers named and shamed

Graham Allen MP
Graham Allen MP

Bulwell MP Graham Allen is backing a campaign to ‘name and shame’ local employers who pay less that the National Minimum Wage (NMW).

Since the scheme was introduced in 2013, 52 businesses have been highlighted and fined for breaking the law.

Labour MP Mr Allen said: “Hard working people are struggling to get by these days, the fact that companies have neglected their workforce and not paid them the minimum wage makes this struggle even harder.

“The minimum wage was one of our proudest achievements while Labour were in Government. It is therefore right that these companies have been exposed for their negligence to pay their workers a proper wage.

“I hope businesses in Nottingham North are paying their staff at least minimum wage. The Government should ensure that no company gets away with paying its workers less than they deserve.”

Figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show the number of people on zero hours contracts has increased to 1.8 million. An estimated 48,000 of those live in the East Midlands, earning on average £300 less a week than those on full time contracts without redundancy and sick pay.