Mad scientist brings lesson to life

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MAD Science’s Nuclear Nat, also known as Natalie Dove, paid a visit to Edgewood Primary School in Hucknall to show the pupils just how fun science can be and launch their science week.

She conducted three experiments around the theme of air and gases during a special assembly, teaching the children about the movement of air and amazing them with demonstrations using concoctions of chemicals.

Philippa Hoare, assistant headteacher, said: “It was certainly an assembly that wowed the children with things that we would not usually do in school. It was pretty spectacular and the children were mesmerised as well as getting a good understanding of how the world functions.”

Science week has seen pupils learning about different aspects of science, carrying out experiments and even getting parents involved in a workshop where they made exploding volcanoes.

n OUR PHOTO shows Nuclear Nat showing a windbag experiment to Phoebe Wardle-Collins, Kieran Kash and Kaitlin McLean — DISPIC NHUD12-0502-1.