Make the headlines in your Dispatch

The Hucknall and Bulwell Dispatch is the local newspaper of choice for this area.

Packed with news and events, it’s a must-read on a Friday.

We also update our Facebook, Twitter (@DispatchDaily)and website ( as soon as breaking news happens.

We love the Hucknall and Bulwell areas and the people who make the area that little bit special.

And we would like to hear more of what’s going on.

Whether that’s a community group event, or a hard-hitting news item, then we’d like to know.

If you have a complaint or want to sing the praises of an organisation, then get in touch.

Dispatch editor Phil Bramley said: “The Dispatch has been the hub for local news for a long time.

“We’ve covered a lot of great local stories and become part of the fabric of life in Bulwell and Hucknall.

“We want to do more to help put the towns on the map so that’s where we need people to contribute news, events and letters too.”

The Dispatch is a great source of local information, as Ian Young, president of the Rotary Club of Hucknall said: “The area needs a local, community paper that acts as a single source of information.

“While of course the internet has information, a paper gives you everything you need.

“I would urge anyone to share their news with the Dispatch.”

And Alison Bingham, Director of Business and Enterprise at the Bulwell Academy, said: “A local newspaper that has local stories is great for this area. It’s somewhere people can share good news and read about what really matters to them.”

Key to the local news scene is senior reporter Jackie Derbyshire, who can be emailed at or called on 01623 450308.

Jackie said: “Being part of the community, meeting people and hearing their views and opinions is brilliant and why I love being a reporter.

“We campaign and we challenge when wrongs need to be righted and we help people stand up for themselves.”

We have arranged a special event on Friday 29th November at the John Godber Centre, Ogle Street, Hucknall between 10am and noon.

It will be an informal drop-in session with tea/coffee and biscuits.

Phil added: “We’d love to meet people so please let lots of people know about our event and we look forward to seeing you there.”