Man (34) overdosed on anti-depressants

A 34-YEAR-old man from Bulwell died from an overdose of an anti-depressant drug that can have a side-effect on the heart.

Damon Wilson was found dead at his home on Holwood Court on Thursday February 5, a Nottingham inquest heard this week.

The Coroner, Dr Nigel Chapman, said the drug, dosulepin, had cardiac effects and could stop the heart.

Dr Chapman recorded an open verdict, saying there was no way of knowing what happened.

He said: "It could clearly have happened by accident. Or it could have been on purpose. We simply do not know."

Christopher Jebb, a close friend of Mr Wilson, who had known him most of his life, told the inquest that he was last in touch with him Sunday February 1.

Mr Jebb said he tried to get in touch with Mr Wilson, who was single and unemployed, the following Tuesday but received no reply.

He kept trying for the next two days but still got no answer. By the Thursday, he had become worried and asked another friend to go round to Mr Wilson's home.

The friend also got no response when he knocked on Mr Wilson's door and so he called the police.

Pc Brian Shepherd, who found Mr Wilson's body, told the inquest there were no suspicious circumstances and no notes had been left to suggest a planned suicide.

He added: "There was also no sign of a break-in or robbery or anything like that."