Man left housebound in mobile-scooter row

ANGRY -- Nick Reedman on his mobility scooter outside his Hucknall home
ANGRY -- Nick Reedman on his mobility scooter outside his Hucknall home

A DISABLED Hucknall man claims restrictions on how he can store and power his motorised scooter have left him housebound.

Council tenant Nick Reedman suffers from a catalogue of health problems, including osteoarthritis, epilepsy, restrictive lung-disease, asthma, a personality disorder and depression. He has to rely on his scooter to get around.

But he says regulations imposed by Ashfield Homes as part of his tenancy mean his life has been severely restricted.

The 39-year-old, of Lime Tree Road, claims he has received a letter stating he must not leave the scooter unattended while its battery is on charge. But Mr Reedman says it takes eight hours to charge the vehicle.

“I can’t do it during the day as it would leave no time to do anything else,” he said. “What am I supposed to do? Sit up throughout the night while it charges?

“This is wrong. Someone needs to be answerable. I will fight this all the way.”

Mr Reedman also says he has been told the scooter must be kept in a separate room, free from clutter.

However Ashfield Homes, which manages Hucknall’s housing stock owned by Ashfield District Council, insists officers have worked hard with Mr Reedman to find a solution.

It says Mr Reedman has been given permission to store the scooter in his one-bedroomed flat.

It says it is also working with him on an application to allow power to be routed to a shed where he can store the vehicle.

Kelly Scott, assistant director of housing services at Ashfield Homes, said: “After a visit to Mr Reedman’s home, we agreed to allow him to keep his scooter in his flat as we were happy there were no health and safety implications.

“He has requested permission to run a cable from his flat to the outhouse and to drill under his path to accommodate the cable.

“We have assisted Mr Reedman to complete a permission request which has been forwarded to our technical services department for further consideration.

“While we appreciate the need for tenants to store their mobility scooters and will work with them to try and achieve this, the tenancy agreement sets out the terms and conditions in which mobility scooters can be stored.

“The tenancy clauses have been brought in to comply with fire-safety regulations and it means that in certain situations, we cannot compromise the health and safety of tenants.”