Man mauled in dog-attack horror

A TEAM of police officers have been praised for ‘exceptional bravery’ after rescuing a Hucknall man who was viciously mauled in an attack by his own dog in his home.

The officers managed to keep the enraged animal at bay while the man, in his mid-30s, was given first-aid for extensive injuries and was then taken to hospital. No-one else was hurt but the dog was destroyed.

The drama unfolded at an address on Lime Tree Road, Welbeck Estate, at about 4.40 pm on Saturday August 4. The alarm was raised by another occupant of the semi-detached house.

Hucknall police Chief Insp Nick Butler said that to reduce a risk of the dog escaping from the house, the officers used ladders to climb through an upstairs window.

“I am very proud of what they did,” said Insp Butler. “They came up against a very large and very aggressive dog and put their own lives on the line.”

Two of the officers who attended the scene carried firearms as a precautionary measure. But Insp Butler denied rumours shots were fired and said the animal was eventually ‘euthanised’ humanely with an injection.“It was a very distressing situation for everyone involved,” he added.

People in nearby homes were evacuated and part of the road was closed for a time to ensure the safety of the public.

Police have not identified the man but neighbours said they knew him as Gavin. One neighbour who did not want to be named said the man had acquired the dog, believed to have been a rottweiler, six or seven years ago.

Another neighbour, who also wanted to remain anonymous, said: “I heard screams from the house. It was a big shock for this to happen on our estate on a Saturday teatime.”

The neighbour added: “I understand it was a particularly dangerous scenario because the dog was still standing over its owner when the police got in.”

The man is still in hospital and is understood to be making a good recovery.

Police are liaising with the RSPCA to ‘establish the circumstances surrounding the incident’.