Man with 127 convictions banned from Hucknall town centre

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A persistent shoplifter has been banned from entering Hucknall Town centre for five years.

Nottingham magistrates imposed the order after hearing that he has 128 offences on his criminal record.

Wayne Lee, 46, is currently serving a 27-week prison sentence which was imposed in March.

The JPs were told that he would go into stores “late in the day when there were few staff” where he would be “threatening and would challenge them.”

Lee got an absolute discharge after admitting the theft of face cream worth £9.99 from Boots the Chemist on High Street, Hucknall on January 9.

The three magistrates agreed the Criminal Behaviour Order should run for five years. Presiding JP Jane Forman-Hardy said: “We feel it is in the public interest we should give you this order.

“We are satisfied you have engaged in this behaviour and your acts are likely to cause harassment, alarm and distress.

“We hope it will help you from not engaging in behaviour like this,” she told Lee of Chatsworth Avenue, Hucknall.

Rod Chapman, prosecuting, told the court that Lee had 127 previous convictions, “the greater proportion of offences of theft and kindred matters.”

But he said Lee deserved credit for immediately admitting the offence at Boots, although his defence team has not seen CCTV film to identify whether he was the offender.

“He has not chosen to explore that and not trouble the police or Crown Prosecution Service to that degree,” said Mr Chapman.

Rebecca Meadows, mitigating, said Lee received the maximum penalty when last brought before magistrates. The criminal behaviour order could have been imposed during that hearing.

She said: “He could not have received a greater punishment if this had been dealt with last time.

“He has got an eye on the future and wants to move on with things,” added Miss Meadows.

The order bans him from entering the centre of Hucknall from South Street to Ashgate Road. He must not use threatening words or behaviour in the borough of Ashfield or cause alarm.

He must immediately leave shops if staff ask him to go and he must not enter stores which have already banned him.

The court order also bars him from going into Sainsbury’s Local in Hucknall, the Co-op on Hucknall Road and the Tesco Express shop on Annesley Road.