Manfield to Paris three-wheel challenge raises more than £3,000

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A group of pals who set themselves a challenge to drive to Paris in three-wheel vans have hit their target of raising £3,000 for charity.

The friends, who are all locals at The Rushley pub in Mansfield, came up with the idea of buying iconic Robin Reliants and heading to the French capital and back for John Eastwood Hospice.

Landlord of the Nottingham Road pub, Shane Disney, devised the idea after buying a three-wheeler, and regular Ross Bakewell and his pals agreed to buy one and join them on the road trip.

Despite hitting their fundraising target, it proved a costly exercise for Shane and his crew, after their car - painted yellow like Del Boy’s from Only Fools and Horses - broke down outside Paris.

Despite attempts to get it back on the road, they had to abandon the car and catch flights home.

Ross’ team, however, were able to complete the challenge in the two days they had set themselves in the car which costs them £600 from eBay.

The 26-year-old, who works as an estate agent in Hucknall, said: “Shane’s car broke down outside Paris, and it’s still there!

“Everything was fine driving down to Dover, but as soon as we got off the ferry at Calais we had problems.

“Shane’s car broke down four times, and it didn’t help that it was thundering and lightning.

“They had to fly home and it cost them a small fortune!

“It was really good but hard going.

“They don’t have many three-wheel vans in France because everywhere we went people were getting their cameras out.”

Ross thanked those who had donated, including his employer Bairstow Eves, and said that people can still donate money to the cause by logging onto