MANSFIELD: Council pledge to tackle poor lighting on park

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Mansfield District Council has confirmed that urgent repairs to lighting at Racecourse Park will be carried out after it emerged than more than half the street lights around the scene of the attack were not working.

There are around 15 lights running through the recreation ground area, but residents have told the Chad that the majority have stopped working.

Coun Steve Garner, ward councillor for the Racecourse area, said that the problem has been caused after the responsibility for highways was passed back to Nottinghamshire County Council last year.

And neither the county council or district authorities have been prepared to take ownership of getting the street lights repaired.

He said: “A lot of people have complained to me about the lighting in Racecourse Park. We’ve contacted the district council and they’ve told us it’s a county council issue, and when we go to the county they tell us to get in touch with the district about it. “

The area where the attack happened has a path with lighting which runs the length of the recreation ground.

But it is understood that at least eight of the lights are currently not working, casting the area into darkness.

The victim of the assault, said the park was poorly lit at the time of the attack, but said there had been enough light to see.

Police are now working with local authorities to ensure that the Racecourse Park area is made safer, and have stepped up patrols in the area.

Det Insp Darren Mee said: “We are stepping up patrols at Racecourse Park, particularly in the evenings.

“We are liaising with the local council with a view to increasing and improving crime prevention measures in the area, particularly with regard to lighting and CCTV facilities.

Coun Philip Shields from Mansfield District Council added: “Urgent repairs to the damaged lighting columns, which was caused by vandalism, will be carried out immediately.

“We will also be carrying out a review of lighting within all of our parks to ensure it is adequate and in good working order.

“Responsibility for the on-going maintenance of the lighting columns within Racecourse Park, following the transfer of the highways contract from the district council to the county council, will be determined in the near future.”

PICTURED: Racecourse Park the day after the attack.

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