Mansfield: Pensioner convicted after horrific attack which saw wife lose eye and sustain 31 knife injuries

Nottingham Crown COurt.Nottingham Crown COurt.
Nottingham Crown COurt.
A Mansfield pensioner, who carried out a knife attack on his wife which resulted in her losing an eye, has been convicted.

Maurice ‘Joe’ Poismans was sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court Friday 17 October 2014 after pleading guilty of causing grievous bodily harm at a previous hearing.

The 69-year-old attacked his, now, 67-year-old wife at their warden-aided home in The Patchills on Sunday 25 November 2012.

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A member of staff received a call for help via the two-way emergency intercom system by Margaret Poismans at around 8.40am.

When she and a colleague arrived at the bungalow they found Joe standing over his wife, of nearly 50 years, in the hallway. His black and white pyjamas were stained with blood.

It transpired that Joe had stabbed her in the face, head, hands, back and buttocks. He used a pair of scissors, a paring knife and a bread knife.

Mrs Poismans was rushed to hospital and her husband was arrested She was treated for a total of 31 knife injuries, 17 of which were defensive wounds to the hands and arms. Other significant injures were to her face and neck.

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Mrs Poismans has been left with a constant reminder of that morning.

Along with the scars, she lost her right eye in the attack and now wears a prosthetic.

Mr Poismans was jailed for three years and eight months but as he has already served the equivalent of half his sentence he has been released with strict licence conditions.

Detective Constable Steve Dunn said: “Joe had not been the same since he suffered a stroke earlier that year. He had become increasingly paranoid and it seems on this particular morning his wife bore the brunt of this behaviour.

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“To be attacked so brutally in your own home by the person you have shared a massive part of your life with must have been so disturbing and so terrifying.

“But Mrs Poismans is a tough character. She has shown great courage in the face of such life-changing circumstances and has come out of this a stronger, more determined individual who is getting on with her life.”

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